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All about sheds

I have always had a thing about sheds. They are noble, whatever the condition. My new work will include a series of 'shed work' on wood panels.

Landscape exhibition at Cambridge Contemporary Art

I have 6 oils on canvas on display at the new landscape exhibition from 27 February 2021 at Cambridge Contemporary Art. One has sold before the opening of the show but there are still 5 to choose from!

Silence at CCA

I have been enjoying painting again during the last 6 months. Covid-19 stopped us all in our tracks and I have responded by depicting scenes from the coast - where I long to be!

Some of the new oils will be available to purchase from Cambridge Contemporary Art from February 27th 2021.

Please do get in contact and tell me what you think of my new collection.

New oils at Cambridge Contemporary Art

A collection of new oil paintings will be available to purchase from Cambridge Contemporary Art from 27 February 2021.

2020 saw us all curtailing our travels due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This series of paintings pays homage to the places I did manage to visit during this tumultuous year.

New work for the summer 2021

I am currently working on a new range of small oils on wood panels. They will be launched at during Cambridge Open Studios 2021. The collection returns to my love of the humble garden shed.

JoT Shop - stocking fillers

Magnetic bottle openers
JoT Shop - stocking fillers

Magnetic Bottle Openers


My JoT shop is now live.  You will be able to purchase products that make ideal small gifts.  If you live in CB1, CB2, CB3 or CB4 postage is free. Please use the code FREEPOST to activate. My range of magnetic bottle openers make ideal gifts. each purchase comes gift wrapped with a free postcard.

Go to my shop here.

Magnetic Bottle Openers - £5.00 each

JoT shop launch

JoT shop launch

JoT Shop

My JoT Shop is now open. You will find a range of limited edition bottle openers, pocket mirrors, calendars and prints available to purchase directly.

For the time being I will be only shipping to addresses in the UK.

Each purchase will be gift wrapped and will be sent first class and signed for.

There may be teething issues for the first few weeks but i do hope you like what you see. I have enjoyed putting it together! To purchase please follow this link.

Tick Tock

Do join Cathy Faithfull and myself on a zoom talk on 14 October 2020 at 7.30 pm. We will be talking about our collaboration eARTh. To book go here.

Limited edition calendars for 2021

For several years I produced limited edition calendars and I have been asked by customers to do so again for 2021.

The format has slightly changed but they are still a desk top production. For more information please contact me. They will soon be available to purchase at my JoT shop that will be launching soon.

Library Talk for eARTh

On the 14 October 2020 I will be talking about my collaboration with Cathy Faithfull and our collaboration eARTh. To keep up to date with this collaboration please visit our website.

Cambridge Open Windows 2020

Due to Cambridge Open Studios being cancelled many members have been taking part in Cambridge Open Windows.

Each week I have been displaying work outside on my front drive. It has been lovely to interact with people who have come along to appreciate a wee bit of normality.

Last weekend coming up 25/26 July. Come along and say hello.

Print this City

I have spent the last couple of months developing a range of work that I have wanted to do for several years.

I am a city dweller, originally from London but now living in Cambridge UK.

This new range will incorporate my favourite cities.  I have began with Cambridge and New York.

I will be showcasing them for the first time in my windows during every weekend in July 2020. Thereafter you will be able to purchase them online or through Cambridge Contemporary Art.

For more information contact me at

woodcut printmaking

I've been experimenting with woodcut printmaking again this past week. I remember a wood engraving class I attended at Edinbrurgh Printmakers a few years ago with Angie Lewin. Angie said 'protect your blacks'.

Still work in progress.



Milton Road Library talk

In June 2020 I will be hosting a zoom talk with my fellow  collaborative artist Cathy Faithfull.  This is a brief description of what will be discussing.

"Artists Jo Tunmer and Cathy Faithfull met whilst undertaking their MA at Cambridge School of Art. On completion of their degrees the passion they shared for the changing landscape spurred them on to work collaboratively under the name ‘eARTh’. They use recycled materials to open up new dialogues that are primarily focused on climate change issues. Their current enquiry repurposes clocks and jigsaw pieces that illustrate the need for action and how time is of the essence in this climate emergency.

So much of the resistance to mitigating climate change has come from those who insist that 'society is hard to change'. The global response to this current pandemic has shown that this is actually not true. Huge changes made on how society operates have been acted upon in a matter of weeks. It is apparent that when lives and livelihoods are at stake, individuals are prepared to make sacrifices and changes in order to have a future.  So by applying this new 2020 vision it is possible for us all to accept a ‘New Normal’ where not only caring for one another is paramount, caring for the planet also becomes second nature".

Date will be announced soon.


April 2020

On Saturday 4 April 2020 I came down with Covid-19. Extremely high temperatures, cough, heavy chest and a sore throat for 7 + days and although I'm now on day 13 I am still not well. As I am susceptible to flu and chest infections I knew the differences of this virus instantly.

Needless to say I was isolated from my family immediately but despite doing everything we could to keep the necessary 2 metre distance my husband came down with it on 11 April 2020. Our 21 and 17 year olds were flung into caring roles and so far they have remained well. Luckily despite my husband's asthma and heart issues he has bounced back quite quickly.
Everyone will have a story to tell about 2020. What has kept me going during my isolation has been the daily texts from my close knit group of friends who live from a 5 minute walk away to Kuwait to Australia. My parents, despite their own health issues also emailed daily. We will also be eternally indebted to a small group of friends who have shopped for us ensuring we have everything we need.
But what also became important were the cards I received. Just a couple of lines on a postcard cheered me up no end. I cannot thank the postal service enough for continuing to put themselves at risk.
In early March 2020 alongside my art practice I started a new part time job at Cambridge Contemporary Art - the beloved gallery that has represented me for the past 10 years who support over 500 artists between 2 galleries.
Although I am a new recruit I have been enveloped into this remarkable family of staff who have helped keep me going these past weeks. However due to the current situation many small businesses are now facing closure. CCA are fighting hard to keep going by continuing to trade online but also by crowd funding. For every £2.50 donators can collect greeting cards once the store can reopen. Then you can send all the cards you get back to those you care about about too and make their day just that bit brighter Hopefully in a weeks time I'll be back on my feet in the meantime - go take a look here.


I am not out of the woods quite yet and taking one day at a time.

Salvage exhibition

I am taking part in an exhibition with Cathy Faithfull at Anglia Ruskin University from 1-30 April 2020.

Go to our website for further information.

Cambridge Open Studios

I have just signed up to take part in 2020 Cambridge Open Studios. I will be opening my doors during weekend 2 and 3.

For this event I will be exhibiting oil paintings, solarplate and woodcut prints and my latest collaborative contemporary artwork for eARTh with with Cathy Faithfull.

eARTh -Work in progress

I am currently in an intense period of research and experimentation. My collaboration with Fine Artist Cathy Faithfull focuses on environmental aesthetics in relation to the changing landscape (eARTh). The work produced will be on display mid-2020.

The collaboration is for an art residency with AA2A at Cambridge School of Art. I am using a mixture of found objects and printmaking.


For more information please visit the AA2A website.

AA2A residency

I have been awarded a place on the AA2A residency programme. The AA2A project provides placements for visual artists and designer-makers in higher and further education institutions across England.

The placement has begun my collaboration with fellow MA Visual Artist Cathy Faithfull.

The mandate of our collaboration - EartH is to investigate our human relationship with the changing landscape and respond with artwork.

EartH - discussion meeting

On Friday 18 October, EartH will be holding a discussion meeting at Anglia Ruskin University.


More about my AA2A collaboration with Cathy Faithfull next week.

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