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Cambridge Contemporary Art Solo Show

The weekend I completed my Masters in Printmaking in September 2018 I have been busy creating a new body of work for my solo show at Cambridge Contemporary Art.

Thirty nine new solarplate etchings and oil paintings are now finished and are either at the framers of being varnished.

Doors open on 11 May 2019 but I will be sending out Private Preview invitations for Friday 10th May 2019.  Please email me if you would like to attend the event.

Cambridge Science Festival

Cambridge Science Festival

Multiple Sclerosis

On Sunday 17 March 2019 I will be exhibiting work accepted for the What a Nerve exhibition.

I am one of 6 Artists that explore the disease Multiple Sclerosis.

The day-long event brings together stem cell researchers and people affected by MS.

The art exhibition expresses the disease, science and cells through acrylic, glass, paper, paint and sound by artists Kelly Briggs, Elizabeth Fraser, Virginia Mayo, Charlotte Morrison and myself.

Co-ordinated by Liza Reed from Growing Art Partnerships.

To book tickets for the free event please register your interest here.

John Hughes Arts Festival

On 12 February 2019 the Secret Postcard Art Auction will be taking place.

I was asked to donate artwork to the cause and over the Christmas break I worked on a postcard oil painting and a woodcut etching.

Enjoy looking for them!

For more information please go to the website.

Oils coming along...

I have been very focussed on producing work for my upcoming solo show at Cambridge Contemporary art in May 2019.

I have just been informed that a recent submission for a Cambridge Science Festival exhibition has been accepted for March 2019 so back to the studio....

Judging panel participation

I have recently been involved in several panels judging various art events. Two of my favourites have been the Cambridge Open Art, (an annual art event), and the Liverpool Art Book (image from the Cambridge Art Book is shown here).

Solo Show - Cambridge Contemporary Art

From 11 May - 2 June 2-19 I will be exhibiting at Cambridge Contemporary Art, Trinity St.

This is my first solo show at the Gallery so I am busy working on new canvasses and prints.

The exhibition is titled Cambridge to Coast.

I have always been interested in my personal dialogue with the landscape that surrounds the city where I live.

I grew up in London and while some may find a city lonely, I thrive on the anonymity and comparative privacy that they offer.

I have a utopian vision of the landscape around me, in particular the flatlands that start from Cambridge and finish at the edge of the East Anglia coast. In comparison to this romantic notion of the land that I portray in my oil paintings I produce prints from views of the city that often focus on a solitary figure.

The solo show at Cambridge Contemporary Art in May 2019 will showcase a new body of work that reflect this personal dialogue that I have with my surroundings.

For more information please visit the gallery website.

Completion of MA Fine Art Printmaking

I finally completed my MA in Fine Art Printmaking in September 2018. I received notification in December that I had received a Distinction.

Working for my MA proved to be one of the most challenging times of my life but I am so glad I persevered.

Cambridge Original Printmakers Biennale

I cannot believe how the Cambridge Original Printmakers Biennale has developed since a doorstop conversation with fellow printmaker Anthony Hopkinson in 2013.


I am no longer part of the organising team, as I wanted to concentrate on my Masters in Printmaking but I will be showing some of my Cambridge Walkabout range of solarplate etchings that are exclusive to Cambridge Contemporary Art. Doors open at 10.30 on Friday 21 September and continues until Saturday 29 Saturday 2018. At the Pitt Building, opposite Fitzbillies.

MA exhibition

My final MA exhibition at The Cambridge School of Art showcased a new direction for me.

I have been working on installation and woodcut prints for the past eight months. Working in site-specific locations will be something I will be pursuing during the next year.

On the radio...

I was recently interviewed at Cambridge Contemporary Art by Daniel Baker.

Here is the link.

Jo Tunmer in the Cambridge Conversation

Jo Tunmer and has been a professional artist for 11 years. If you’re a regular at Kettle’s Yard you’ll also know her as being an Artist Facilitator and leader of workshops. Jo tells Daniel Baker about her journey.

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