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Time and Place exhibition

The first collaborative exhibition between Jo and Cathy Faithfull

So far this summer we have seen temperatures never experienced before in the UK with wildfires burning homes to the ground. The clock is ticking and the need to act and slow down the accelerating pace of climate change is more urgent now than ever. Changing the fundamental forces of nature is an impossible task but by modifying the way we all consider the planet is a step in the right direction.

In this first collaborative exhibition Cathy and I use a myriad of discarded, dismantled time-pieces that allows the viewer space for their own thoughts on the past, present and future. Thousands of jigsaw pieces highlight the fractured nature of the globe, the fragment pieces hanging in the air and the numerous attempts to reunite the pieces accentuates the enormity of the task ahead. The burnt, blackened remnants of personal items belonging to the artists are powerful reminders of what could become of our everyday possessions.

The exhibition does not solely focus on the fragility of the planet. There are touches that proffer hope to the visitor. ‘Globe of Nations’ is a powerful piece that sees people from all over the world coming together sitting side by side in an outward facing position. ‘Earth from Space’, a giant globe with images taken from space reminds us how beautiful, but fragile, the planet is.


We look forward to hearing your feedback.

Cambridge Artworks

5 Green's Road,



From 1-6 October 2022, 11am -4pm



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