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Contemplation Bay

Contemplation Bay is one of two 100 x 80 cm canvasses that will be available to purchase at Cambridge Contemporary Art from 1 June 2013.

Contemplation Bay

Both the large canvasses were started at the end of 2012 and challenged me continually. Sometimes I have layered paint for an entire day only to remove it all at the end because it wasn't right.  This can be very frustrating but it is all part of the process of painting.  It can't be hurried.

The collection of coastal work for the exhibition is about what being by the sea means to me.  It makes me feel contentment, joy and wonder.


Coast Watch

Beside The Sea

At the end of May I will be delivering new oil paintings to Cambridge Contemporary Art for the opening of the Besides The Sea exhibition.  So if you are in Cambridge from 1 until 23 June 2013 pop in and immerse yourself in my new work.  The inspiration for the collection has been Northumberland, Devon and Norfolk.

I am often asked how long an oil painting takes to complete.  To give you some idea the collection of nine paintings (7 wood panels and 2 large canvasses of 120 x 80 cm) were started in December 2012.  Two are yet to be finished.  I did take a few weeks off to complete my Sahara trek and indulge in a 4 day cheap break to Paris in April, but other than that it has been endless layering of oil paint for months. Enjoy.

Cambridge Walkabout

A recent commission for prints based on Cambridge scenes has resulted in a new body of work entitled Cambridge Walkabout.  This is still work in progress but I hope to have the new collection ready to be seen at Cambridge Open Studios in July.

The mixed media collection is a new departure for me. I would love to have feedback on the new work so please let me know what you think.

Cambridge Drawing Society

The Annual Cambridge Drawing Society Exhibition starts today at The Guildhall, Cambridge.

I have two original hand painted solar plate prints on display.  One of them, Summer Punts, is from a new body of prints, entitled 'Walks Around Cambridge' that I am currently working on.

The exhibition is open from 13 - 20 April from 10 am until 5.30 pm.

Sketch and Trek Sahara

I spent last week sketching in the Sahara Desert.  The challenge was to trek 100K in five days raising funds for my chosen charities - The British Heart Foundation and The Joe Herrington Memorial Fund.  My sister-in-law also kindly donated to the American Heart Association in my name. We actually walked 112K in sometimes 39 degree heat.  I will be writing a fuller account, with photographs on my trek page.

Funds raised:

BHF -    £7,405

JHMF - £2,245

AHA -   $100

Along the way I sketched as much as I could.  It was a challenging environment to work in and I could only sketch when we stopped for a break or back in the camp. Here are a few of the sketches.

I have several work deadlines during the next twelve months but I will be working on a body of work from the trip alongside other commission and exhibition commitments. I will be participating in Cambridge Open Studios this year so if you would like to see the sketchbook, and work in progress visit me in my studio then.

Over Gallery - last few days

This is the last week of the exhibition at Over Gallery, 25 High St, Over, Cambridge.

You will still be able to see a small selection of work after the end of this week along with my greeting cards.

It is a lovely gallery space run by Helen Taylor. For opening hours please email Helen at

Coastal work 2013

I have lots of exhibitions booked in until March 2014 so I am hard at work creating in my studio.  I work on several paintings at the same time and while paint is drying I concentrate on unique fine art prints.  Here are a couple of new pieces.  The oil on wood panel is still work in progress.  I am trying to keep it simple and not over paint it so it comes inside the house every time I add a new thin layer.

Oil on wood panel - work in progress

Summer Punts. Hand painted solar plate print.

What's new for 2013


I am now venturing back into the studio as the snow has cleared and it is a little warmer. Work will begin for exhibitions at Cambridge Contemporary Art. The theme is Besides The Sea.  Having just returned from a weekend away with friends on the Norfolk coast I have some inspirations to start with.

norfolk coast.jpgnorfolk coast 2.jpg



I also have a commission that has just come in for a series of Cambridge City solar plate prints.  So I'll be out and about with my camera during the next few weeks.

Over Gallery

My work is still on display (apart from the ones that have sold) at Over Gallery.  For more information please call Helen Taylor on 01954 230997.


So nice to see again...

Last night I visited our lovely elderly neighbour who had been admitted to Addenbrooke's Hospital.  We took the stairs as it was just one flight up.  And there they were.  Content, Ebullience and Expect.   I really love the fact the large, oil on wood paintings are tucked away so people are surprised when they come across them.

Content copy.jpgExpect


Brand new gallery!

I am delighted to be the solo artist at the brand new gallery in Over, Cambridgeshire.  The exhibition runs from 1 December until 23 December.  My oil paintings, prints and cards are available to purchase along with other leading contemporary ceramicists, jewellers, furniture makers and glass artists.


Cambridge Christmas 12

Every year I organise a Christmas event at the Unitarian Church Hall, Victoria St, off Emmanuel Road, Cambridge.  I started the event at my house and studio in 2008 but since 2009 it has been held at the Church Hall.  It is a small, quirky venue, and a lighting challenge - but we love it.

There is only space for a limited number of exhibitors and I have often thought of looking for a new venue.  However the reason I started the event in the first place was to create an intimate, quirky and fun event for one night only and I want to keep it real and close to its roots for as long as I can.

So if you are free on Monday 26 November 2012 from 4 until 8.30 pm then come along and see what all the fuss is about. For more information please go the Cambridge Christmas 2012 website.

Postcard CC12 .jpg


The exhibition 'It's All About The Paintings!" at Cambridge Contemporary Art finishes on November 25th. Go and take a look at Alongside, oil on wood panel.  It is part of my new collection of wood panels and using a new technique.  Let me know what you think.


Cambridge Contemporary Art

Cambridge Contemporary Art

Gentle Breeze, oil on wood panel

Nine new oil on wood panels are currently at the framers.  Six of them will be chosen for the next exhibition - "It's all about the Paintings!" at  Cambridge Contemporary Art (CCA).  The exhibition will run from 27 October until 25 November 2012.

The collection is called Norfolk to Northumberland. The contrast of the flat lands of Norfolk, and the beauty of the Northumbrian hills struck a chord with me this year.  I am still working on three more wood panels that will be added to the collection.

AlongsideStanding Atop










Coastal ColoursScorch


Lying Low.jpg

Event management

For many years now I have organised and managed arts events.  One that I started in 2008 has grown each year and is now an established show.  Cambridge Christmas started with exhibiting nine painters and craftsmen in my house in time for local Cambridge people to purchase unusual presents.  It was so successful that I found people knocking on my door asking if I was going to hold another one.

The Unitarian Church Hall in Victoria St became the new home for the Cambridge Christmas show.  It is small, quirky and a lighting challenge but that's what I love about it.

Here is the latest postcard which will go to print in the next few weeks.  Several of the exhibitors have been showcasing their work for several years now but each year I look for new Cambridgeshire-based talent.  I am very excited to have on board for 2012 Ruth Schmid and QHERE, Rachel Dormor, Edel Hopkin and Nicola Killen.   For more information pleas go to the website.

CC12 Postcard rough 6.jpg

New work to be showcased at CCA

Here are a few paintings that will be first shown at Cambridge Contemporary Art in mid-October 2012. Although I have travelled through New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania this year my short breaks in Norfolk and Northumberland have provided me with the inspiration for my latest work.  I will be focusing on my US trips with printmaking next.


Reflecting, oil on wood panel.  Just drying so size will be confirmed once framed.Intensity

Intensity, oil on wood panel, drying - size to be confirmed once framed.

What I'm working on now...

Tuft.jpgI have a very busy year ahead of me.  Right now I am in the process of finishing six new paintings for Cambridge Contemporary Art.   These will first be shown in October 2012.

I have also started training for my Sketch and Trek, raising funds for The British Heart Foundation. I will be taking part in a 100km trek in the Sahara Desert in March 2013 where I will be compiling a diary, sketching and completing an exhibition or the work produced later on that year. For further information please go to my fundraising website.So far I have raised just under £2,500 in five months so I am very hopeful that I will reach my personal target of £5,000.

I will also be taking part in some local exhibitions and I am also managing the Cambridge Christmas 12 show which will take place at The Unitarian Church Hall on Monday 26 November 2012. So look out for me with my walking boots on during the next few months!

New work for CCA - Oct 12

My trips to Northumberland and the Norfolk coast this year has inspired my most recent work.  The new oil-on-wood panels will be shown at Cambridge Contemporary Art in October 2012.



Purple PrintMakers Launch Show today!

Our assessment is today and you can view the work produced during the year-long Certificate in Printmaking on Friday 22 June from 6 until 9 pm and on Saturday 23 June from 12 until 4 pm.  The exhibition is in the print room at The Curwen Print Study Centre.

The Purple PrintMakers site describes how to get there,

Here are some photographs as I prepare for the show. Please come along and join me for a drink.  I welcome any feedback on my first printmaking show.

Curwen work 2

Curwen show

Chilford Hall Fire - Curwen Press - business as usual!

The devastating fire caused by arsonists at Chilford Hall this week will not stop the Curwen Press, and The Curwen Print Study Centre from continuing with their work.

In support of The Curwen Press and The Curwen Print Study Centre the exhibition of the five Certificate in Printmaking course graduates (the Purple Printmakers)  will go ahead with their exhibition on Friday 22 and Saturday 23 June 2012.

We would love to see as many people there to help support the Curwen during this rather difficult time.  Personally my heart goes out to the owners of Chilford Hall who at this moment in time are busy erecting a marquee in time for a wedding due to take place this Saturday.


Launch of the Purple Printmakers

I have been very busy these past few months working towards the end of my Certificate in Printmaking from the Curwen Print Study Centre.  It has been a very rewarding, albeit stressful year trying to study, experiment and produce work using a variety of print techniques in combination with continuing to work on new oil paintings and deal with a few difficult family issues along the way.  The end of the course is near but it is also the start of an exciting new venture.   The five participating artists have formed a new exhibiting group called the Purple Printmakers.

Our final year assessment is on Friday 22 June 2012.  We will be showcasing our work on Saturday 23rd June from 12 until 4 pm and will be holding a Private Preview on Friday 22 June 2012 from 6 until 9 pm.  For more information please go to

I will be printing in my studio from October 2012 and further exhibitions with the Purple Printmakers will be announced in 2013.  My next exhibition showcasing six new oil paintings at Cambridge Contemporary Art will be at the end of October 2012.



Monoprint, framed in white metal.

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